Checks are the Leading Offline Bill Payment Method

US households made over 14 billion bill payments last year using offline, online and mobile methods. Fiserv's 2012 Billing Household Survey shows consumers pay bills in multiple ways and many change how they pay from month to month. This survey evaluates bill payment habits of internet-savvy consumers as well as those who use the internet infrequently or not at all. Key findings:

  • 76% of consumers use more than 1 method to pay bills including online payments at bank and biller sites, paper checks sent via mail, walk-in payments made in person, phone payments and mobile payments made via apps or mobile web browsers.
  • 20% change the way they pay their bills each month due to availability of funds, due date and amount owed.
  • Checks are the most popular method for bill payments made offline.
  • Infrequent Internet users rely heavily on checks when paying bills - 75% pay at least 1 bill by check every month.
  • 45% of consumers still carry checkbooks always or sometimes.
  • Mobile bill payments are small but growing. 8% of online households and 3% of non-Internet users paid at least 1 monthly bill this way.