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Mobile RDC: Growing Adoption by Commercial Organizations

Remote Deposit Capture (RDC) began as a business-only product using dedicated check scanners. Consumers gained access to RDC when banks began offering check deposit to retail customers in Mobile Banking by swapping out the dedicated check scanner for the smartphone camera. The spotlight is back on Business RDC as commercial organizations are increasingly requesting Mobile RDC as a treasury management solution.

New research released in May 2014 by Mitek Systems, Inc. (holder of mobile imaging patents) and found that 63% of the 250 banks surveyed offer mobile check deposit with 37% of them providing mobile check deposit to corporate clients.

The value proposition for RDC extends to business segments that were otherwise not good candidates for traditional RDC even though they accept check payments. Research shows demand for Mobile RDC by businesses that deploy field sales or service employees, non-profit organizations, property management firms and home businesses.

Key features for Business Mobile RDC include capture of accounts receivable information, centralized payment review and reporting. As with Corporate RDC, convenience and accelerating the deposit of the check and funds availability is a key driver with Business Mobile RDC.

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