News from Scanner Manufacturers

To help you keep up with the latest news on check & document scanners, here is a summary of the most recent announcements from our hardware partners.

Burroughs announced the SmartSource Micro Elite check scanner for RDC. It has a single-feed design, is optimized for low-volume applications and has the capability to scan rigid items such as ID and insurance cards. Burroughs discontinued the manufacture of its NDP Quantum 200 and 300 high-speed sorters and replaced them with the Quantum Encore Program. This program provides factory-certified, pre-owned systems at prices never before offered.

Canon is offering a Q3 Trade-in Program on CR-180/180II check scanners, now through 9/30/14. You'll receive $75 toward the purchase of a new CR-135i and $150 towards the purchase of a new CR-190i.

RP Solutions has completed integration testing of Digital Check's BranchXpress BX7200, which replaced the TS4120. The BX7200 has the capacity and performance that allows banks and corporate RDC users to replace their larger reader/sorters with a tabletop check scanner in a distributed capture environment. Digital Check also introduced a 150 DPM version of the TellerScan TS240 check scanner, representing a 50% increase over its previous throughput.

Fujitsu introduced its next generation workgroup scanners including flatbed and sheet-fed models. The new Fujitsu fi-7160/7260 and fi-7180/7280 scanners succeed the fi-6130Z/6230Z and fi-6140Z/6240Z devices. They offer new paper protection technology, advanced image processing capabilities and the fastest speeds in their class.

OPEX announced the addition of its latest mixed document capture workstation, Falcon™. Falcon replaces the DS2200 and is available in 3 models: Falcon, Falcon Transportable & FalconRED. OPEX also released a new version of CertainScan, the software that drives the OPEX family of scanners. CertainScan 3.0 has significant changes and new features for improved scanning, batches, output, reporting and security.