Use Event Driven Emails for Approvals, Alerts, Notices and More!

ExpertRPS, our flagship remittance processing solution, has a new event driven notification feature that sends emails based upon specified business rules that you define. Event triggered emails can be used to get supervisor approvals, alert management and communicate directly with customers. This ultimately improves the efficiency of your remittance operation, maximizes funds availability and improves customer satisfaction.

Information travels quickly and decisions get made in real time when you use ExpertRPS' new email notification feature. For utility companies in particular, this feature can have a huge impact. The most common reason utility service is shut off is nonpayment. The National Energy Assistance Directors' Association (NEADA) reported that 4.3 million households were disconnected for nonpayment in 2009 and another 12.5 million households were at risk of losing service. For some utilities, this means managing thousands of gas or electric disconnections each month.

But what happens when a field technician is en route to shutoff gas or electricity to a nonpaying customer and payment is received at the main office? ExpertRPS will catch this and immediately send the technician an email alert so that service can remain uninterrupted. Not only will this result in a very happy customer, but it also saves the service provider the expense of revisiting the site to restore power at a later date.

With ExpertRPS, notification methods can include text emails, HTML emails and text messaging. Notifications can be sent to a single or multiple recipients. In order for ExpertRPS to automatically send an email notification to the right person at the right instant, all you need to do is set up the outgoing email templates and define the specific conditions, business rules or trigger events that will invoke the alert.