RP Solutions Streamlines Processing of Checks with Check Stubs

RP Solutions has enhanced ExpertRPS with a new feature that eliminates the need for personnel to physically tear check stubs off checks prior to image scanning. With this feature, checks with check stubs may be scanned intact. Eliminating this manual step dramatically improves mailroom and scanning efficiency in remittance processing operations.

ExpertRPS uses image recognition technology to identify the portion of the scanned document that is the check and create separate virtual documents. From there, the transaction is processed through the workflow like any other check and list payment.

The prep work of tearing them apart is tedious, labor-intensive and time-consuming. Uneven or torn documents may cause scanner jams and low quality images that require rescanning or manual data entry. By eliminating the upfront manual handling and optimizing downstream processing of these payments, RP Solutions is able to deliver a huge productivity boost to our customers. This will be particularly valuable for medical billers, lockbox processors and insurance companies, who receive a large number of business-to-business payments.