Payment Processing Solution for Cashier Window Environments

ExpertCASHIER is a robust cashiering application for processing, managing, posting and clearing multiple types of over-the-counter payments. It is perfectly suited for government agencies and utilities receiving payments at a cashier window.

Our cashiering solution was designed to completely process payments with a minimal amount of operator keying to speed transactions and serve customers as quickly as possible. The system allows any combination of bills to be paid with any combination payment types including cash, credit/debit cards, checks, money orders and credit vouchers.

Whether the transaction is to pay a utility bill, make a tax payment or renew a registration, the most straightforward transaction is when a customer presents their coupon/bill stub and a check for full payment. The coupon is imaged and the OCR scan line is read. The check is then imaged and read via CAR/LAR and the MICR line is captured, the transaction is balanced, the host is updated, and the receipt is printed without any teller keying. For non-check payments, the teller can select the payment type from the system's menu. For transactions with no coupon, the teller can look up the customer's information in real-time from the in-house customer database.

The system has several features to manage and balance cash. It calculates and displays change due for credit transactions, tracks cash-out transactions and has the ability to set cash limits. And to reconcile the cash drawer against payments received, it includes a physical count, system-calculated totals and automatic balancing. For sales of license plates, tokens, tickets, etc. ExpertCASHIER has the added feature of automatically updating the associated inventory. Customers that already have a cashiering application can still take advantage of our back office check imaging and electronic clearing solution by using our Cashiering API Interface. It allows a third party cashiering solution to interface directly with ExpertRPS.