Gateway Processes Millions of Payment Transactions

Electronic check clearing is one of the most convenient, fast and secure methods of payment processing. The fact that many people don't even realize their checks are cleared and settled electronically is a testament to the seamlessness and convenience of today's payments infrastructure. And yet, behind the scenes, there is plenty of technology, complexity and government rules and regulations. Our ExpressPay Gateway essentially shields our customers from these intricacies and provides them with an easy way of processing their electronic checks and ACH transactions.

Checks can be processed as Check 21 ICL files and image exchange networks, or converted to ACH transactions and cleared via the ACH network. There are several types of ACH Codes depending on the source of the payment. This includes ACH/ARC for mail-in and walk-in payments, ACH/WEB for payments initiated over the web, ACH/TEL for phone payments and PPD/CCD for pre-authorized recurring billing. Our ExpressPay Gateway handles Check 21 check images and all of these ACH types.

The Gateway simplifies the aggregation, consolidation, conversion, clearing and settlement of all your payment types. This improves efficiency, increases economies of scale and simplifies the management of daily transactions. This is ideal for businesses with geographically dispersed locations and/or those who cannot justify the high bank fees associated with sending Check 21 or ACH files directly to their own bank. Return items can be researched, resubmitted, rejected, or collected using ExpressPay Gateway's online administrative functions. So if you're receiving payments from multiple sources, and would like an easier way to consolidate and process them, ask us about ExpressPay Gateway.