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ExpertICE Offers Improved Data Security and Disk Space Management

Over 95% of our ExpertRPS and ExpertATM customers also use ExpertICE for their archive storage needs. It is RP Solutions' powerful image archival/retrieval solution that provides online access to images and data and the means to export data for offline storage. New features have been added to ExpertICE to provide PCI compliance, improved offline data security and disk space conservation.

ExpertICE now provides a PCI-compliant option for encrypting transaction data fields and associated images. This is necessary for any customer that requires PCI compliance in order to process credit card payments. Encryption of data is enabled at a system level in order to ensure that all data is processed in a PCI-compliant manner and therefore encryption cannot be enabled or disabled for specific transactions, workflows or lockboxes.

In the past, ExpertICE provided the ability to burn CDs or DVDs for offline/offsite storage of images and data. However, with the increased emphasis on system and data security, we now recommend that data be retained on network attached storage for immediate access. Encrypted data files can be exported then backed up using an organization's existing network backup strategy. This helps prevent a data breach resulting from media being carried offsite. The data files can be re-loaded at any time into the online database for research.

For customers who do not require PCI compliance, ExpertICE still has the option to write data and images in an industry standard ISO format (encrypted or not encrypted) which can then be backed up to an offline media of your choosing. Your IT department policies and procedures can now dictate the type of media used and the encryption requirements.

ExpertICE now also makes intelligent decisions about which format to use to save the images. High quality grayscale images, which take up more space, are used for improved readability of difficult-to-read items such as money orders. They are also used for transactions most likely to be recalled for research. Bitonal format is used for other items to conserve storage space. Even items that are scanned in grayscale, may be converted to bitonal images to save space.

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