ExpertRPS Offers Data Encryption

Data encryption capabilities have been added to ExpertRPS for remittance processing. Although these features were originally developed to support PCI compliance, they can be used in non-PCI environments to provide enhanced data security. Data encryption refers to schemes that transform data into a form that is not readable to unauthorized parties. When necessary, ExpertRPS decrypts the data, transforming it back to its original form.

PCI standards require Credit Card Holder Personal Account Numbers (PAN) be stored in an encrypted format. Since the document images captured by ExpertRPS may include a PAN, it is therefore necessary to encrypt all of the images in a customer environment that is processing Credit Card payments. When processing Credit Card transactions, specific data fields within the transactions are encrypted automatically. Additional data fields, whether extracted from images or entered by an operator, may also be encrypted. Full Credit Card data is never transferred to the archive system. Only non-encrypted truncated data is archived.

Encryption of data is enabled at a system level to ensure that all data is processed in a PCI compliant manner and therefore cannot be enabled or disabled for specific transactions, workflows or lockboxes. ExpertRPS uses the AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) 256 encryption algorithm. The encryption/decryption process does not degrade system performance.