Reduce Risk with Check Verification Service

If your business accepts checks you can reduce return check costs, increase collection rates and protect yourself against fraud by using our real-time check verification service. The service analyzes each check and compares it to national databases of checking accounts to determine the likelihood of it being returned unpaid. Then you can make informed acceptance decisions.

Using the service with ExpertCASHIER for cashier window environments, a teller can be made aware of a high-risk item at the time it is presented, allowing them to request an alternative lower risk form of payment. For batch payment processors using ExpertRPS, if the service recommends that a check be declined, the check image is presented to an operator for review and final disposition. A check may be declined for the following reasons: insufficient funds, stolen/forged check, stop payment, duplicate check, account closed or invalid bank/account number.

RP Solutions utilizes two check verification services with extensive, accurate and up-to-date check data. This provides us with access to a "negative" database of over 22 million checking accounts. These are accounts with returned checks. We also utilize a "positive" database with over 138 million accounts. These are accounts with a positive check writing history.