Virus Protection and Security Updates

Make sure the latest virus protection and operating system security updates are installed to protect your PCs from malicious software.

Our Professional Services team is highly skilled at troubleshooting and problem solving, and is accustomed to handling a wide variety of situations. And while the majority of circumstances, including recovery from a power outage, are covered under our standard support maintenance contract, you should be aware that certain events, such as recovery from a virus infection or hardware failure, are not covered under your annual maintenance contract.

We've received a number of customer support calls relative to virus protection and data backups. We'd like to take this opportunity to remind you of some important environmental considerations to keep your operation up and running smoothly:
Make sure off-site data backup procedures are in place and strictly followed to
facilitate a recovery.
Make sure your UPS power protection is in place and functioning properly to
provide protection from a power interruption.
Make sure the latest virus protection and operating system security updates are
installed to protect your PCs from malicious software.
Make sure all network wiring and services, including in-wall Ethernet wiring, network
switches, and LAN/WAN configurations are well maintained.
Make sure remote system access is available to RP Solutions to assist with
diagnosis and troubleshooting of issues.
Make sure any specialized or 3rd party communications hardware or software are well maintained to ensure communications to any host computer.