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Lockbox Saves 15% in Costs

Mixed mail processing allowed Bill2Pay to shorten their processing day, reallocate operations staff and save on hardware maintenance costs.

•  Industry - Lockbox Processor
•  Challenge - Disparate scanning equipment and labor-intensive workflow
•  Solution - Mixed mail processing standardized on a single platform

Bill2Pay, part of Intuition Systems, delivers remittance processing services to a wide range of government and commercial clients. They process over 30 million payments annually for over 70 clients at two locations in Florida.  There was an array of equipment at Bill2Pay's lockbox operation and mail was processed using a 2-pass system - first through a mail opener then through an image scanner. Bill2Pay wanted newer technology that would reduce manual mail handling, improve their efficiency and add capacity so they could pursue additional business.

They standardized on OPEX high-speed mailroom automation and document imaging equipment.  Bill2Pay replaced their transports, mail openers and page scanners with 3 OPEX AS7200i and 2 OPEX AS180 workstations.  Each workstation can perform both the mail opening and image scanning functions, allowing them to process all their work in a single pass.

Bill2Pay also upgraded their existing ExpertRPS remittance processing solution to support mixed mail processing. With mixed mail processing, no pre-sorting or prep work is required. Once items are scanned, ExpertRPS automatically determines each document's type, splits the mail stream into discrete transactions and routes them for processing.