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2015 Newsletters

PaymentMatters Q4 2015

  • EMV Migration in US Expensive and Slow
  • Mobile Deposit on the Rise
  • Technology is Transforming the Insurance Industry
  • Faster Payments:  The UK Experience and Implications for the US
  • AFP Provides Insights for Fighting Fraud

PaymentMatters Q3 2015

  • PCI Compliance for Billers
  • ExpertRPS PCI Compliance Overview
  • The Changing Face of the ATM Market
  • Non-profit Uses PCI Key Pad to Process Card Donations
  • The Long Road to Faster Payments

PaymentMatters Q2 2015

  • DataTreasury Patents Invalidated
  • The Future of the Check
  • Same-Day ACH Fee Resembles Controversial Interchange Fees
  • 37% of Household Bills Paid by Mail, Says USPS
  • AFP Reports Concerns about Security of Mobile Payments

PaymentMatters Q1 2015

  • Real-Time Payments: Dispelling the Myths
  • Celebrating 20 Years of Excellence
  • Demise of Cash? Not According to FED Analysis
  • FED's Plan for Improving U.S. Payment System
  • Influence of New payment Innovations on Consumer Choices

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