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2016 Newsletters

PaymentMatters Q4 2016

  • Kill the Check to Speed up Payments?
  • Billers Must Understand Consumers' Need for Speed
  • NCR Announces Discontinuation of iTRAN Image Transport
  • Welcome New Employees!
  • 73% of American Companies Impacted by Payments Fraud, says AFP

PaymentMatters Q2 2016

  • Announcing Cloudbased Transaction Processing
  • Cloud Computing Benefits Businesses of All Sizes and Industries
  • TPS Remittance Enterprise Cloud Solution for Remittance Processing
  • TPS Mobile Payment Acceptance Anytime, Anywhere
  • Support for Our Products Will Continue
  • Check Out Our New Website!

PaymentMatters Q1 2016

  • Speed Up Your Receivables Cycle with ExpertRPS
  • Faster Payments Progress Report
  • Do Treasurers Want Faster Payments?
  • Statistical Look at Mobile Deposit Duplicates and Losses
  • EMV: Delays, Debates and Confusion

2015 Newsletters

PaymentMatters Q4 2015

  • EMV Migration in US Expensive and Slow
  • Mobile Deposit on the Rise
  • Technology is Transforming the Insurance Industry
  • Faster Payments:  The UK Experience and Implications for the US
  • AFP Provides Insights for Fighting Fraud

PaymentMatters Q3 2015

  • PCI Compliance for Billers
  • ExpertRPS PCI Compliance Overview
  • The Changing Face of the ATM Market
  • Non-profit Uses PCI Key Pad to Process Card Donations
  • The Long Road to Faster Payments

PaymentMatters Q2 2015

  • DataTreasury Patents Invalidated
  • The Future of the Check
  • Same-Day ACH Fee Resembles Controversial Interchange Fees
  • 37% of Household Bills Paid by Mail, Says USPS
  • AFP Reports Concerns about Security of Mobile Payments

PaymentMatters Q1 2015

  • Real-Time Payments: Dispelling the Myths
  • Celebrating 20 Years of Excellence
  • Demise of Cash? Not According to FED Analysis
  • FED's Plan for Improving U.S. Payment System
  • Influence of New payment Innovations on Consumer Choices

2014 Newsletters

PaymentMatters Q4 2014

  • Checks are a Tough Habit to Break... at Least in the US
  • New ExpertRPS Features
  • Payment Options Can Improve Customer Satisfaction
  • Amazon Leads the Market in Cloud Computing
  • NACHA Requests Comments on Same day ACH

PaymentMatters Q3 2014

  • RP Solutions and Otter Tail Power Company Co-Presenting at Conference
  • The FED's Faster Payments Assessment
  • Good News for US Businesses That Receive Canadian Drawn Checks
  • Meet Our New Employees
  • Integrated Receivables to Manage An Increasing Number of Payment Channels

PaymentMatters Q2 2014

  • Mobile RDC: Growing Adoption by Commercial Organizations
  • RP Solutions Streamlines Processing of Checks with Check Skirts
  • News from Scanner Manufacturers
  • NACHA Moves Forward with Same-day ACH
  • Fraud Continues to Decline While Corporations Remain Alert

PaymentMatters Q1 2014

  • Over Half of Households Pay Recurring Bills by Checks
  • Know Your Scanner Warranty & Maintenance Policies
  • Virtualize for Efficiency, Higher Availability and Lower Costs
  • 2013 Fed Study: Check Clearing Virtually 100% Electronic
  • Protecting Your Business from Cyber Criminals

2013 Newsletters

PaymentMatters Q4 2013

  • Don't Let Processing Online Bill Pay Checks Slow You Down
  • US Companies Cling to Checks, says AFP
  • Complying with Your Bank's Check Safekeeping and Destruction Requirements
  • Commercial RDC – Clear Benefits, Slow Adoption
  • Most Companies Have Done Nothing to Accommodate USPS Changes, But Beware

PaymentMatters Q3 2013

  • The Fed Wants Your Opinion on Payment Processing
  • Combating Internal RDC Fraud
  • RP Solutions Earns Distinction in Microsoft's Partner Network
  • Lockboxes Redefine their Value Proposition
  • Simulated Cyber Attack on Payment Processing Can Help you Prepare

PaymentMatters Q2 2013

  • Payments Fraud Declines for Third Straight Year, Says AFP
  • ExpertRPS Offers Data Encryption
  • NACHA Issues Position Statement on Same-Say ACH
  • Employee Updates
  • Payments News from Around the World
  • Update on USPS Saturday Delivery

PaymentMatters Q1 2013

  • Checks are the Leading Offline Bill Payment Method
  • Eliminating Saturday Mail Delivery Will Affect Billers, Consumers
  • ExpertRPS Has New Data Security Features - Redaction
  • Quantifying Labor Savings from Mixed Mail Processing
  • FED Expands SameDay ACH Service

2012 Newsletters

PaymentMatters Q4 2012

  • Lockbox Cuts Costs by 15% with Mixed Mail Processing
  • Check 21 Savings Over $3 Billion
  • ExpertICE Offers Improved Data Security and Disk Space Management
  • The End of Cash? Not so Fast.
  • No Go on Same Day ACH Settlement

PaymentMatters Q3 2012

  • Utility Selects RP Solutions for Replacement Remittance Solution
  • Mixed Mail Processing Eliminates Manual Pre-sorting
  • What Makes the OPEX AS7200i So Unique?
  • Use Event Driven Emails for Approvals, Alerts, Notices and More!
  • Bottom Line: Accepting a Check Payment is Simpler

PaymentMatters Q2 2012

  • Life Insurance Company Gains Efficiency by Replacing Remittance Solution
  • Payment Fraud Lowest since 2004, says AFP
  • Improve Your Money Order Read Rates
  • RP Solutions Selected as Canon Authorized Reseller
  • Latest Additions to Our Team

PaymentMatters Q1 2012

  • Consumer Bill Payment Habits Vary Month to Month
  • Billers Can Improve Efficiency by Automating Online Bill Pay Check Processing
  • RP Solutions Launches Redesigned Website
  • Executive Spotlight with David Johnson
  • ACH Same-Day Settlement on the Horizon?

2011 Newsletters

PaymentMatters Q4 2011

  • PaymentMatters Has a New Look!
  • Impact of USPS Changes for Remittance Mail and Billers
  • Image-based Workflow is Optimal Approach to 1-pass Remittance Processing
  • Treasury's Changing Role
  • We're Proud to be Made in the USA

PaymentMatters Q3 2011

  • RP Solutions Implements Check 21 at Two Customer Sites
  • What in the World is Going on With Checks?
  • Check Payments Fraud - A Stubborn Epidemic
  • Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall
  • Say "Hello" to New Employees

PaymentMatters Q2 2011

  • Churches Automate Donation Processing with Check 21
  • Recession Affects Consumer Payment Choices
  • Next Generation ExpertATM Just Released
  • ExpertRPS Achieves "Compatible with Windows 7" Logo
  • RP Solutions Achieves a Microsoft Silver ISV/Software Competency

PaymentMatters Q1 2011

  • Who Benefits from Electronic Billing?
  • Checks Cleared Electronically Have Doubled
  • Changes to the NACHA Operating Rules
  • New Members of Our Team
  • RP Solutions Speaks About Check 21

2010 Newsletters

PaymentMatters Q4 2010

  • Lockbox Provider Uses Gateway for Check Clearing & Returns Processing
  • AFP Survey Reveals Benefits, Barriers to Electronic Payments
  • Important Reminders...
  • NCR Discontinues 7780 Maintenance
  • "Ithaca is Gorges"

PaymentMatters Q3 2010

  • ExpressPay Gateway Processes Millions of Payment Transactions
  • ExpressPay Gateway Benefits
  • News from our Partners
  • New ExpertRPS Features
  • Burst Speed vs. Wallclock Throughput
  • Upcoming Tradeshows

PaymentMatters Q2 2010

  • Insurance Payment Solution Brings Efficiency
  • Senior Sales Executive Joins RP Solutions
  • Trends in Consumer Payment Choices
  • Winning Customers in a Tough Economy
  • Keeping up with ACH Rules & Guidelines

PaymentMatters Q1 2010

  • The Only Constant is Change Itself
  • Fed Banks Plan Check, Payments Study
  • We're Here to Serve our Customers
  • NCR's Customer Loyalty Program for 2010
  • British Banks Vote to Phase Out Checks

2009 Newsletters

PaymentMatters Q4 2009

  • Turnkey Cashiering Solution Implemented in One Month
  • Top 10 Reasons to Upgrade Your NCR 7780
  • Comingling Eliminates Presorting
  • News From Our Partners
  • Document Imaging is a Smart Investment

PaymentMatters Q3 2009

  • Collections Agency Leaves Paper Behind
  • Jim Mills Appointed to Lead Business Development
  • Reduce Risk with Check Verification Service
  • Featured Solution: ExpertCASHIER
  • Upcoming Tradeshows

PaymentMatters Q2 2009

  • New Workstation Streamlines Payment Processing
  • Industry Veterans Join Our Team
  • RP Solutions Becomes an OPEX Reseller
  • Paper Checks: Going Away or Here to Stay?
  • What's Your Strategy?

PaymentMatters Q1 2009

  • Utility Replaces Legacy Payments Platform
  • Electronic Alternatives Replacing Paper Checks
  • Meet a Remittance Processing Software Expert
  • New Devices Offer Unique Benefits

2008 Newsletters

PaymentMatters Q4 2008

  • Announcing... Next Generation Remote Deposit Capture Solution
  • Canada Abandons Image-based Clearing Initiative
  • ExpertRPS — The Migration Path for CAPRS Users
  • Upgrades & Discontinuations
  • New Remote Deposit Video

PaymentMatters Q3 2008

  • Utility Improves Productivity with Remote Deposit Solution
  • Recent Scanner and Jogger Introductions
  • Federal Study Examines the Check Market
  • Our Corporate Values That Inspire Us
  • New Features Added to AR Express and RD Express

PaymentMatters Q2 2008

  • Clinical Lab at the Forefront of Check 21 Processing
  • Huge Savings on NCR Transports
  • Are You Ready for a Disaster?
  • Remote Deposit Adoption Doubles
  • First Ever Remote Deposit Capture Summit

PaymentMatters Q1 2008

  • New Reseller Helps Credit Union
  • Latest Release of ExpertRPS
  • Professional Services...At Your Service
  • A2iA CheckReader Brings New Features
  • Federal Study Examines Check Usage

2007 Newsletters

PaymentMatters Q4 2007

  • Check 21 Will Improve Funds Availability
  • Employee Granted ICP Credentials
  • ACH And Image Convergence Revisited
  • Professional Services...At Your Service
  • Customers Gather In Florida

PaymentMatters Q3 2007

  • Reseller Wins Insurance Remittance Project
  • New Corporate Brochure
  • Upcoming Tradeshows
  • RP Solutions — History
  • Employees Celebrating 10 Years
  • Industry Statistics

PaymentMatters Q2 2007

  • Back Office Conversion
  • New Reseller Program Launched
  • Reseller Agreements Signed
  • Canon Check Scanners Certified
  • Remote Deposit Named #1 Tech Spend Priority

PaymentMatters Q1 2007

  • Remote Deposit: A Must Have Solution
  • Choosing A Scanner
  • Announcing RD Express
  • Distributed Corporate Environment
  • Are You A Candidate For Remote Deposit Capture?

2006 Newsletters

PaymentMatters Q4 2006

  • Electronic Check Clearing
  • New Staff Members
  • Annual Users Group Meeting
  • Cutting Edge Website
  • World Business Review Telecast

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