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Tax Collector's Remittance & Cashiering Solution

Turnkey solution handles over-the-counter payments and is tightly integrated with back office processing of mail-in remittance payments.

Town Of Hempstead
•  Industry - Government
•  Challenge - Current vendor discontinued their remittance software 
•  Solution - New cashiering solution for 6 teller stations and 1 drive-thru

Several factors led Hempstead to seek a replacement remittance processing solution. First, they wanted to replace their aging NCR 7780 transports. Second, their existing software solution had been discontinued and customer service from their software provider had become poor. Lastly, their payment processing was fragmented between their local bank's lockbox, an outside processor and their own in-house operation. Hempstead wanted to bring all their payment processing in-house to be more efficient, reduce costs and gain tighter controls.

Their final tax collection solution includes:

ExpertRPS for remittance processing
ExpertCASHIER cashiering application
ExpertICE for image archiving
OPEX 3690i for mail extraction and imaging