Case StudyA Customer Profile

Utility Replaces Remittance Solution

This water utility replaced their remittance solution that had obsolete software, discontinued hardware, no Check 21 and no transaction archive.

Monterey Regional Water
•  Industry - Utility
•  Challenge - Aging system that lacked features
•  Solution - New remittance solution with electronic deposits and new scanners

Monterey Regional Water Pollution Control Agency (MRWPCA) operates a wastewater treatment plant and water recycling facility in California. To their knowledge, MRWPCA operates the world's largest water recycling facility designed for raw food crop irrigation. Their remittance processing solution was outdated and not meeting their needs. The NCR 7780 transport was discontinued and frequently needed repairs. The payment processing software was obsolete and did not have several features they wanted, namely Check 21.

Before implementing Check 21, this utility company manually prepared paper deposits and paid a courier to pick them up daily. They paid the bank extra fees to encode the checks. Once they installed RP Solutions' ExpertRPS remittance processing solution, they immediately gained the benefits of Check 21. The new system automatically creates an ICL deposit file each day, which they transmit electronically to the bank. It eliminates the need for encoding, and MRWPCA no longer requires a daily courier.

The former remittance solution had no archive, so responding to customer inquiries could be quite difficult. MRWPCA implemented ExpertICE, RP Solutions' archive and retrieval solution. "Everyone in customer service has access to ExpertICE and all our transactions are available online. This allows our reps to get what they need quickly," says Lindsay. MRWPCA also replaced their NCR 7780 with 2 Digital Check TS4120 scanners.