Case StudyA Customer Profile

Water Utility Upgrades to Check 21

Using Check 21 remittance processing, this utility company reduced processing costs and gained faster funds availability.

Kenosha Water Utility
•  Industry - Utility
•  Challenge - Paper deposit process and high hardwre maintenance costs
•  Solution - Check 21 solution with new tabletop scanner

Kenosha Water Utility provides water and wastewater service to more than 100,000 persons in the greater Kenosha metropolitan area in Wisconsin. Kenosha worked with RP Solutions and NCR to replace their aging payment processing system. Their NCR 7780 transport hardware was replaced with a much smaller NCR iTRAN 3000t, which provides considerable savings in annual maintenance contract fees.

They also upgraded to RP Solutions' ExpertRPS remittance processing software to process their deposits as Check 21 ICL files. This eliminated the need for a courier to deliver daily deposits to their bank, and it allowed the Utility to receive their money quicker. Kenosha was their bank's first customer to implement Check 21 and RP Solutions worked closely with their bank to implement this new process.